New Border Law Adopted In China

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26 October 2021 Current Affairs:China has enacted a national law on “protection and exploitation” of the country’s land border areas.

♦ The new law has been enacted to maintain national security and manage border-related matters at the legal level amid regional tensions.
♦ The new border law will come into effect from January 1, 2022. It mandates the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) of China to counter any “invasion, encroachment, infiltration, [or] provocation” across the land borders of China.
♦ The law also provides a legal framework for hard border closures, if needed.
♦ The law requires the Chinese government to strengthen border defence, support economic & social development, and open up border areas.
♦ It also calls for improvements in public services and infrastructure in border areas to encourage and support people’s lives and work there.
♦ This law has a wide ambit concerning border affairs and clarifies government responsibilities, leadership systems, and military tasks in territorial border work. 
♦ China shares land borders of around 22,000 km with 14 countries.
♦ India shares a 3,488 km border with China, extending from Arunachal Pradesh to Jammu & Kashmir.
♦  The border with India is not entirely restricted, and the process of clarifying & confirming the LAC is in progress.

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