National Pollution Control Day Is Observed On December 2

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India marks the National Pollution Control Day on December 2 in remembrance of the people who lost their lives in the Bhopal Gas Tragedy.


The National Pollution Control Day is commemorated in India to make the citizens aware of laws in India that help contain pollution.
The day is observed on the following objectives.
To create awareness in developing air pollution.
To educate people on controlling and operating industrial disasters.
To make everyone aware of pollution control laws in the country.
To create awareness on ways to decrease the level of pollution.
To prevent industrial pollution that is affected by human carelessness.
The National Pollution Control Day, 2021 theme is to create awareness about the importance of pollution control and educate people on preventing pollution.

Bhopal gas tragedy

The Bhopal gas tragedy happened on December 2nd and 3rd, 1984. Poisonous chemical methyl isocyanate dripped from a pesticide plant union carbide India Limited in Bhopal during the accident. 
This endangered more than 500 thousand people to the poisonous gas. Around 2259 people died immediately. 
Later the Government of India stated that the tragedy killed around 25,000 people. It was deemed the most major industrial disaster in the world.

Laws of India To prevent and control pollution.

Environment impact assessment, 2006
Maharashtra biodegradable garbage control ordinance, 2006
Batteries management and handling rules, 2001
Municipal solid waste management and handling rules, 2000
Noise pollution regulation and control rules, 2000
Ozone-depleting substances regulation rules, 2000
Recycled plastics manufacture and usage rules, 1999
Biomedical waste management and handling rules, 1998
Chemical accidents emergency, preparedness, planning and response rules, 1996
National environment tribunal act, 1995
Manufacture, import, storage, export and storage of hazardous microorganisms genetically engineered organisms or cells rules, 1989
Hazardous waste management and handling rules, 1989
Manufacture, import and storage of hazardous chemical rules, 1989
Environment protection act, 1986
Environment protection rules, 1986
Air prevention and control of pollution act, 1981
Water prevention and control of pollution act, 1977

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