National E-Governance Conference

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08 January 2022 Current Affairs:The Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances (DARPG), State Government of Telangana, and Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology will host the 24th National E-Government Conference.


  • The conference will happen at Madhapur, Hyderabad, at the Hyderabad International Convention Centre.
  • “India’s Techade: Digital Governance in a Post-Pandemic World” will be the theme of the conference. 
  • Emerging technologies, universalization of public services, ease of life through good governance, universalization of public services, innovation – platformization, government re-engineering, and citizen participation in government processes are the subtopics.
  • It will help e-governance efforts gain traction.
  • It gives businesses and government officials the chance to show off their successful E-Government initiatives. This improves service delivery from beginning to end. 
  • Through Digital India, the Indian government is digitizing the country. E-Governance is critical for social development and promoting economic inclusion. 
  • To combat cyber fraud, fake news, and other forms of misinformation, it is critical to progress toward secure e-government. 
  • E-governance also aids in expense savings, service simplicity, and real-time governance. Accountability and transparency are also aided by it.

National Awards for E-Governance 2021

  • The awards will be given out at the conference. The awards will be given out in six different categories. 
  • The awards will be given out to 26 E-Governance initiatives. 
  • Excellence in government re-engineering for digitalization, excellence in district-level e-governance, universalizing access to e-services, good citizen-centric research, use of ICT in COVID-19 management, and remarkable use of emerging technologies are the six categories.

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