National Cybersecurity Strategy

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29 October 2021 Current Affairs:National Cybersecurity Strategy is in its final stage in India and ready to be cleared as the increasing cyber-attacks and threats from nation-state actors against India.

♦ India has been working on the “National Cybersecurity Strategy” for the last two years in the cabinet for final approval.
♦ National Cyber Security Strategy 2020 was selected to improve cyber awareness and cybersecurity using stringent audits. 
♦ Under the policy, empanelled cyber auditors will carefully look at the security features of companies. 
♦ The table-top cyber crisis management exercises will be conducted to reinforce the idea that cyber-attacks can happen regularly.
♦ India has led to avoid any significant cyber-attacks or threats. As a result, in Global Cybersecurity Index 2021, India has jumped from 47 to 10.
♦ As the policy is executed, the country will confront the challenge of addressing cyber-skilling.
♦  As per the report, there will be around 1.5 million job vacancies in cybersecurity in India by 2025.

Cyber-Shikshaa programme
♦ Microsoft and the Data Security Council of India (DSCI) have contributed to the ‘Cyber-Shikshaa programme’. 
♦ This programme will aid in creating a group of skilled women security professionals in India. 
♦ Microsoft is also coordinating with MeitY to skill security leaders in cybersecurity.

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