National Crisis Management Committee – NCMC

18 May 2021 Current Affairs:The National Crisis Management Committee (NCMC) meeting on Cyclone Tauktae was led by the Cabinet Secretary.

About the National Crisis Management Committee:
♦ The National Coordination and Management Committee (NCMC) is a committee established by the Indian government in the aftermath of a natural disaster to ensure proper coordination and implementation of relief measures and operations.
♦ It is led by the Cabinet Secretary.
♦ In India, the National Disaster Management Committee (NCMC) and the Cabinet Committee on Security (CCS) are the two key committees involved in top-level decision-making on disaster management (DM).

Key functions of the NCMC:
♦ Supervise the command, control and coordination of disaster response.
♦ Provide guidance to the crisis management team when necessary.
♦ The Cabinet Secretary chairs the committee, which is made up of secretaries from various ministries or departments with disaster management responsibilities.


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