National Blockchain Strategy Proposed By Ministry Of Electronics And IT

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06 December 2021 Current Affairs:The National Blockchain Strategy was recently introduced by the Ministry of Electronics and IT for giving blockchain as a service.

The strategy has adopted a multi-institutional approach involving the C – DAC (Centre for Development of Advanced Computing), NIC (National Informatics Centre), and NICSI (National Informatics Centre Services Inc).
It strives to implement a trusted digital staging for e-governance assistance using blockchain technology.
It includes human resource development, collaboration, administrative framework, technology heap, standards development.
It inquires the union government to promote state-specific blockchain purposes.

The plan will explore using technology for medical supplies and vaccines.
It will increase transparency and efficiency in governance. 
NITI Aayog has named Blockchain technology as a promising technology. 
According to NITI Aayog, the technology has essential characteristics such as liability and decentralisation.

The National Blockchain Strategy has held cryptocurrency out of the ambit of its framework. 
The Government of India listed a bill called “The Cryptocurrency and Regulation of Official Digital Currency Bill, 2021”. ‘
The bill gives a structure for the production of official digital currency. 


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