NASA Perseverance is in its Final Stretch

19 February 2021 Current Affairs:Seven months after leaving the earth, NASA’s perseverance finally reached the destination Mars.

Perseverance Rover:
♦ Perseverance Rover was Launched in July 2020. It is expected to land on Mars at Jezero Crater. Perseverance’s main task is to find signs of ancient life and collect samples of rocks and conglomerates to return them to earth.
♦ Through the radioactive decay heat of plutonium, electricity can power perseverance. NASA is determined to keep the shape memory alloy stable on the surface of Mars. Persistent drilling, cameras and laser equipment will explore Mars.
NASA’s previous missions to Mars:
Since the launch of the “Mars Pathfinder” mission in 1997, NASA has been transporting rover on Mars. With the successful completion of the mission, NASA decided to continue to Mars to find evidence. For the second time, the space organization sent the dual-stream rover “Spirit and Opportunity” to Mars in 2003. The third attempt was to send Curiosity in 2012.

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