Mylab Coviself Self Covid Test

22 May 2021 Current Affairs:This is India’s first Covid-19 self-check kit recently approved by ICMR. This means that anyone can collect their own nose samples and test them for SARS-CoV-2. 

♦ This self-test kit was approved for the first time in the United States in November last year. Similar kits have also been approved in Europe and South Korea.
♦ It was developed by MyLab Discovery Solutions, a molecular company headquartered in Pune.
♦ It uses a rapid antigen test in which the virus in a nasal swab sample is tested and the result is given within 15 minutes. It takes almost two minutes to take the exam.
♦ This easy-to-use test is combined with MyLab’s AI-driven mobile application, so users can understand their own positive state, directly submit the results to ICMR for traceability, and know what to do next in any result.
♦ Many states are experiencing a 2nd wave of infections, putting pressure on diagnostic laboratories. The RT-PCR test is regarded as the gold standard for Covid-19 testing, and it takes 3-4 days to get results, which delays hospitalization and treatment.
♦ Self-test kits can probably be a game-changer in Covid-19 management in India. These can reduce queues in laboratories, limit costs, dissipate the burden on present manpower for pattern series from homes, and provide quick effects (within 15 minutes), main to immediate therapy and isolation.
♦ This testing package value Rs 250, whilst RT-PCR test prices between Rs four hundred to Rs 1,500 and a speedy antigen test in laboratory expenses Rs 300-900 in distinctive states.

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