Mercer CFS Global Pension Index Survey

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20 October 2021 Current Affairs:Mercer Consulting has released the 13th edition of the Mercer Global Pension Index, in which India has been ranked at 40th position out of 43 countries

♦ In 2020, India was placed at 34th position out of 39 pension systems.
♦ MCGPI is a yearly survey by Mercer Consulting to benchmark the retirement income system.
♦ MCGPI uses three sub-indices, adequacy, sustainability and integrity.
♦ These are used to measure each retirement income system against more than 50 indicators.
♦ Mercer published the Index in collaboration with CFA Institute and the Monash Centre for Financial Studies.
♦ The MCGPI is measured among 43 countries and Iceland has the 1st position  with an index value of 84.2.
♦ Netherlands with 83.5  and Norway with 82.0 follows Iceland in the Index
♦ The lowest position is Thailand with the index value at 40.6. 

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