Manda Buffalo as Unique Breed

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08 September 2021 Current Affairs:The Manda buffalo has been regarded as the nineteenth unique breed of buffalo found in India by the NBAGR (National Bureau of Animal Genetic Resources).

Key Points:
Four breeds of cattle – Binjharpur, Motu, Ghumusari and Khariar – and two breeds of buffalo – Chilika and Kalahandi – and one breed of sheep, Kendrapara, have already obtained NBAGR recognition.
Habitat of Manda: They are observed in the Eastern Ghats and plateau of Koraput place of Odisha. The small, sturdy buffaloes are used for ploughing in their native habitat.
Characteristics: These buffaloes have ash grey and grey coats with copper-coloured hair. Some animals are silver-white in colour.
Speciality of the Breed: The Manda are resistant to parasitic infections, less susceptible to illnesses and can live, produce and reproduce at low or nil enter systems.
Significance of Recognition: The state and the Centre will make efforts to preserve this special buffalo genetic resource of Odisha and beautify their productivity through breeding strategy.
♦ The governments will help in advertising and marketing the produce- milk, curd and ghee at a top-class price ensuing in the enhancement of the livelihood of the stakeholders in the native tract.

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