Maharashtra Schools To Have UNICEF Climate Change Curriculum

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15 December 2021 Current Affairs:Maharashtra Government set to introduce a broad curriculum for Grades 1 to 8 to teach climate-consciousness and green values to the next generation.


  • This new curriculum has been developed by the Department of Environment and global climate change and UNICEF.
  • The curriculum is known as the “Majhi Vasundhara (MV) Curriculum”.
  • It is being introduced to teach application-based awareness on issues like global climate change among students from Grades I-VIII.
  • This awareness will be raised among students by keeping a balance between traditional and native knowledge.
  • Maharashtra Government launched My Vasundhara (My Earth) initiative environmental conservation and protection, focusing on all the five elements of nature called “Panchmahabhutas”.


  • MV Curriculum is critical because, during this hour of climate emergency, the survival of humans on Earth entirely depends on our actions. 
  • The introduction of this curriculum is an effort to urge subsequent generations to start with green fingers and be proactively involved in a pro-earth lifestyle. 
  • This curriculum is about helping children interact with their environment in a better manner. 
  • It’ll help prepare young minds to respect, protect and save the environment. 
  • Development of the Curriculum also holds the key to NEP’s success.

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