Launch of Govt e-Marketplace (GeM) Portal

05 June 2021 Current Affairs:The Bamboo Market Page on the Govt e-Marketplace (GeM) portal has been launched.

♦ The Union Agriculture Minister launched a dedicated window on the GeM portal for the marketing of bamboo goods. 
♦ The National Bamboo Mission and the GeM collaborated on the dedicated bamboo page.
♦ The dedicated window will provide an electronic platform for small manufacturers and niche sellers, vastly increasing their reach to attract buyers while also providing buyers with niche products from trusted sources.
♦ This page is named “Green Gold Collection” and displays a series of exquisite handmade bamboo and bamboo products, handicrafts, disposal and office products on the GeM portal.
♦ Its goal is to give bamboo artisans, weavers, and entrepreneurs in rural areas market access to Government buyers.

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