Large Area Certification Scheme Andaman and Nicobar

29 April 2021 Current Affairs:14,491 ha region of UT of A&N Islands has come to be the 1st large contiguous territory to be conferred with certification for organic beneath ‘Large Area Certification’ scheme.

Large Area Certification scheme:
♦ Department of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare underneath its flagship scheme of Paramparagat Krishi Vikas Yojna (PKVY) has launched this special speedy certification programme to harness these manageable areas. Under LAC, each village in the vicinity is considered as one cluster/group.
♦ All farmers with their farmland and farm animals want to adhere to the popular requirements and on being verified, get certified en-mass barring the want to go below conversion period.
♦ Certification is renewed on an annual basis thru annual verification by a technique of peer appraisals as per the procedure of PGS-India.
♦ As per the established regulations of organic production systems, the areas having chemical enter usage history are required to undergo a transition length of minimal 2-3 years to qualify as organic.
♦ During this period, farmers need to undertake fashionable organic agriculture practices and hold their farms beneath the certification process.
♦ On successful completion, such farms can be licensed as natural after 2-3 years. The certification system also requires difficult documentation and time to time verification by means of the certification authorities.
♦ Whereas under requirements of LAC are simple and the vicinity can be certified nearly immediately.

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