Landfall due to Hurricane Ida

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04 September 2021 Current Affairs:Hurricane Ida made landfall in Louisiana, US. It is an extraordinarily hazardous Category four storm and one of the most effective storms ever to hit the US.

♦ Hurricanes are the most violent and largest storms on the earth.
♦ Tropical cyclones (hurricanes) use warm, moist air as fuel, and consequently form over warm Equatorial water.
♦ When the warm and moist air rises upward from the floor of the ocean, it creates an area of low pressure below.
♦ When this happens, the air from the areas surrounded rushes to fill this place, subsequently rising when it becomes warm and moist too.
♦ An eye forms in the centre. It is the calmest phase of the cyclone. Before the wind reaches the centre it warms up & rises upwards.
♦ When the warm air rises & cools off, the moisture there forms clouds. This system of clouds & winds continues to develop and spin.
♦ This disturbance is fuelled by way of the ocean’s heat and the water that evaporates from its surface.
♦ Such storm structures rotate quicker and faster.
♦ Storms that form toward the north of the equator rotate counterclockwise, while those that form to the south spin clockwise due to the fact of the rotation of the Earth

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