Judicial activism – NITI Aayog orders research on the “Economic Impact of Judicial Decisions”

09 February 2021 Current Affairs:NITI Aayog has ordered the Jaipur-based research organization Consumer Unity and Trust Society (CUTS) International to study the “economic impact” of judgments delivered by the Supreme Court (SC), the High Courts (HCs) and quasi-judicial bodies like National Green Tribunal (NGT). It also calls for studying the “judicial activism” of such courts and tribunals.

♦ Judicial decision-making has far-reaching economic impacts.
♦ These effects are usually not considered when making decisions.
♦ This research will be fully funded by NITI Aayog.
♦ The purpose of this research is to “make the judicial authorities understand the economic impact of their decisions.”
♦ The results of the research will be used as “training information for SC, HC, commercial court and NGT judges”.
♦ The total cost of the project was initially Rs 24.8 billion. However, it is likely to go higher.

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