ISA 102 Member: Antigua and Barbuda

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Antigua and Barbuda became the 102nd member of the ISA.


Antigua and Barbuda became the 102nd member of the International Solar Alliance (ISA) after joining the International Solar Alliance Framework Agreement, a worldwide green energy effort sponsored by India. 
In the presence of Indian High Commissioner Dr. K. J. Srinivasa, Prime Minister Gaston Browne of Antigua and Barbuda signed a framework agreement to stimulate global energy transformation through a solar-led approach.
In 2015, India and France together created the International Solar Alliance (ISA) to promote solar energy at the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP-21) in Paris, France.
Antigua and Barbuda’s capital is Saint John’s, its currency is the East Caribbean Dollar, and its prime minister is Gaston Browne.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi and French Prime Minister Francois Hollande jointly introduced the ISA at the 21st Conference of Parties (COP21) on November 30, 2015. 
Ban Ki-Moon, the Secretary-General of the United Nations, was also present.
According to the High Commission statement, the Paris Declaration creating the ISA notes that the countries have a collective aim to conduct innovative and concentrated efforts to reduce the cost of capital and cost of products for immediate deployment of solar production assets.
Mobilizing USD 1 trillion in solar investments by 2030 would pave the path for future solar generation, storage, and good technology for each prospective member country’s particular needs.

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