Iran Launched Super Computer – Simorgh

20 May 2021 Current Affairs:Iran launched a supercomputer called Simorgh. This supercomputer is a hundred times more powerful than previous Iranian supercomputers.

♦ The supercomputer is named after a bird named Simurgh like a phoenix.
♦ This supercomputer was developed by the Amir Kabir University of Technology located in Tehran, the capital of Iran. It is located in Iran’s High Performance Computing Research Center.
♦ The performance capability of the simorgh Supercomputer is 0.56 petaflops. It is to reach 1 petaflop in 2 months. In its subsequent levels it is to attain to velocity of 10 petaflops.
♦ It comprises of 42 racks in a location of 250 square metres. In future this is to be upgraded to 400 sq. metres. The whole finances of the supercomputer are expected to be 9 million USD.
♦ The Supercomputer is to be used for photo processing, synthetic talent work load, visitors and climate data. It will also be used for cloud web hosting nearby non-public firms.

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