International Stuttering Awareness Day Is Observed On 22 October

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October 22 has been observed as International Stuttering Awareness Day.

23 October 2021 Current Affairs:October 22 has been observed as International Stuttering Awareness Day.

♦ The first International Stuttering Awareness Day was celebrated in 1998. 
♦ The day is meant to raise public awareness of the millions of people with stuttering or stammering speech disorders. 
♦ The Theme for 2021 is “Speak the change you wish to see”.
♦ The International Stuttering Awareness Day, ISAD, was headed by Michael Sugarman, Oakland, California.
♦ ISAD acknowledges the growing collaboration between SLPs and consumers, who are learning from each other and working together to share, give support, and educate one another and the general public on the impact that stuttering has on individuals’ lives. 
♦ Since its beginning, online Conferences, organized by Judy Kuster, have been an essential part of International Stuttering Awareness Day.
♦ Stuttering is a speech disorder characterized by the repetition of sounds, syllables, or words; prolongation of sounds; and interruptions in speech known as blocks. 
♦ An individual who stutters precisely knows what they would like to say but has trouble producing a regular flow of speech.

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