International Solar Alliance (ISA)

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23 October 2021 Current Affairs:The 4th general assembly of International Solar Alliance (ISA) happened virtually from 18 to 21 October.

♦ Assembly was led by Union Minister of power, new & renewable energy, R.K. Singh and President of ISA Assembly.
♦ One hundred eight countries participated in the ISA Assembly, including 34 observers & prospective countries and 74 Member Countries.
♦ It was also participated by 23 Partner Organizations and 33 Special Invitee Organizations.
♦ During the meeting, countries discussed how MSME clusters can replace diesel gensets with hydrogen.
♦ The discussion also focused on how ISA’s waste management programme will be significant for the growing volume of waste & toxic materials, high cost of waste treatment and lack of waste specific legislation.
♦ They also discussed an update on the One Sun One World One Grid (OSOWOG) initiative. 
♦ This concept of a single global grid for solar was proposed at the First Assembly of the ISA in 2018.
♦ The Solar Hydrogen Programme was started to enable solar electricity to produce hydrogen at a more affordable rate than currently available, USD 5 per KG, which will be delivered by reducing it to USD 2 per KG.
♦ The ISA also proclaimed a partnership with Bloomberg Philanthropies to mobilize $1 trillion in global investments for solar energy with the member countries of ISA. 
♦ Both the organizations will work with World Resources Institute (WRI) to develop a “Solar Investment Action Agenda” and  “Solar Investment Roadmap” and will be launched at COP26.

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