International Day of UN Peacekeepers is on 29th May

29 May 2021 Current Affairs:May 29 will be the International Day of United Nations Peacekeepers. On May 29, 1948, the first United Nations peacekeeping mission was established when the Security Council authorized a small number of United Nations military observers in the Middle East. 

♦ United Nations peacekeeping is a joint effort between the Department of Peace Operations and the Department of Operations Support. The Security Council authorizes every peacekeeping mission. 
♦ The financial resources of UN peacekeeping operations are the collective responsibility of UN member states. According to the “United Nations Charter”, each member state has a legal obligation to pay its share of peacekeeping. 
♦ United Nations peacekeepers (commonly called “blue berets” or “blue helmets” because of their light blue berets or helmets) can include soldiers, police officers, and civilian personnel. Peacekeeping forces are provided voluntarily by the Member States.

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