International Day For Eradication Of Poverty Recognized On 17 October

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18 October 2021 Current Affairs:The International Day For Eradication Of Poverty is commemorated On 17 October to recognize the efforts and struggles faced by people who live in poverty.

♦ The first commemoration of “International day for Eradication of Poverty” took place in Paris, France, in the year 1987. 
♦ Poverty was declared a violation of human rights on 17 October 1987 by people assembled at the Trocadero in Paris to honour the victims of extreme poverty, hunger and violence.
♦ The Universal Declaration of Human Rights was approved in 1948, and on 22 December 1992, the UN General Assembly adopted 17 October as “International Day for the Eradication of Poverty”.
♦ This day provides a chance to these people to speak out their concerns and make everyone realize that these poor people are the first to fight poverty.
♦Around 88 to 115 million people have been pushed towards poverty. The majority of the people are from South Asian and Sub-Saharan regions who were pushed towards poverty during the Covid-19 pandemic.


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