Ingenuity Helicopter Takes Flight on Mars NASA

22 April 2021 Current Affairs:NASA flew its tiny helicopter Ingenuity on Mars, the first powered flight on another planet and a feat a pinnacle engineer called “our Wright brothers’ moment.” 

♦ Data and pictures from the self – sufficient flight had been transmitted 173 million miles (278 million kilometres) returned to Earth where they have been received by way of an array of floor antennas of NASA and processed greater than three hours later.
♦ The tiny helicopter Ingenuity was on autopilot for its flight, out of direct control, sight or contact with the men and ladies on Earth who had ordered it aloft—because radio alerts take too long to journey between the planets for any human operator to intervene.
♦ The mini-4-pound (1.8-kilogram) copter even carried a bit of wing material from the Wright Flyer that made comparable history at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, in the year 1903.
♦ NASA was founded on 1 October 1958. The acting Administrator of NASA is Steve Jurczyk. The headquarters of NASA is situated in Washington D.C of the United States.

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