India’s first National Yogasana Sports Championships

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12 November 2021 Current Affairs:From November 11 to 13, 2021, the first Physical National Yogasana Championships in India will be held in Bhubaneswar, Odisha. 

♦ The National Yogasana Sports Federation (NYSF) has partnered with the state of Odisha to host the National Yogasana Sports Championships 2021-22.
♦ Approximately 560 young Yogasana Sports players from 30 states will compete in the tournament. 
♦ The goal of the event is to promote yoga and build a global brand for it by portraying it as a competitive sport with high standards and benchmarks.
♦ Udith Sheth, president of the National Yogasana Sports Foundation (NYSF), and Jaideep Aarya, general secretary of the NYSF, were in attendance, as were Prafulla Kumar Mishra of Umang Dawn and Sasmita Samanta of KIIT University.
♦ The three-day competition, which is being held in collaboration with the Government of Odisha, is a first step toward including Yogasana into the coveted Olympic platform.
♦ The event was created with the goal of building a global brand for Yogasana as a competitive sport and supporting India’s aspiration of making Yogasana an Olympic sport.

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