Indias First IVF Calf Born

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25 October 2021 Current Affairs:India’s first IVF calf of the Banni breed of buffaloes was born at a farmer’s house in Gir Somnath district of Gujarat on 23 October.

♦ Banni breed of buffalo is found in the Kutch region of Gujarat.
♦ The IVC process was conducted to enhance the number of genetically superior buffaloes for enhancing milk production.
♦ Banni buffalo belongs to a dairy farmer from Dhanej village, who gave birth to IVF male calf.
♦ Embryos of Banni donors were instilled in 18 recipient buffaloes using the IVF technology.
♦ The Banni breed had gained six pregnancies at the farmer’s firm, and One calf was born.
♦ This process was carried out by JKBovagenix of NGO JK Trust, a social enterprise of Raymond Group.
♦ Banni buffalo is also known as “Kutchi”,  found primarily in the Kutch district of Gujarat.
♦ A local community of Kutch maintains this breed of buffaloes called the ‘Maldharis’.
♦ A standard Banni buffalo yields about 12 to 18 litres of milk every day. 
♦ Thus, they are known for their higher milk-producing capacity as well as resilience in an arid environment.


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