Indias First Indigenous Aircraft Carrier Vikrant Started Another Phase Of Sea Trials

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10 January 2022 Current Affairs:On 9 Dec 2022, the Indigenous Aircraft Carrier (IAC) 1, which will be known as INS Vikrant when it joins the Indian Navy, began another round of sea trials in advance for its August induction.

♦The 40,000-tonne aircraft carrier, India’s most advanced warship, had a five-day maiden sea cruise in August and went through 10-day sea testing in October.
♦Navy spokeswoman Commander Vivek Madhwal also mentioned that the IAC is now sailing to do intricate maneuvers to obtain specific readings of how the ship operates in various scenarios.
♦IAC Vikrant is moving out for the next phase of sea trials, after two high-profile visits from India’s President and Vice President in less than two weeks.

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