Indian To Join Phase II Multilateral Maritime Exercise Malabar

12 October 2021 Current Affairs:India is set to join the second Phase of the Multilateral Maritime Exercise with  Japan, Australia and the United States.

♦ The Quadrilateral exercise begins on 12 October in the Bay Of Bengal and ends on 15 October.
♦ The exercise will build synergic coordination between the nations and enhance interoperability.
♦ The Exercise focuses on advanced surface and anti-submarine warfare exercises, seamanship evolutions, and weapon firings.
♦ What started as an annual bilateral naval exercise between India and the US in 1992, Malabar comprises a series of exercises with increasing scope and complexity over the years.
♦ The 25th edition of Malabar is conducted in two phases now following all COVID 19 Protocols.
♦ Phase I of the exercise happened on  26 – 29 August in the Philippines sea. 

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