Indian Telegraph Right of Way (Amendment) Rules

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26 October 2021 Current Affairs:Indian Telegraph Right of Way (Amendment) Rules, 2021, was Notified by the Indian government on October 22, 2021, for incorporating provisions associated with a low one-time payment.

♦ The rules also attempt to include “uniform procedure for establishing an overground telegraph line in Indian Telegraph Right of Way Rules, 2016”.
♦ Rules have also set the amount of one-time payment for setting overground telegraph lines to begin at a culmination of Rs 1,000 per km.
♦ Documentation for Right of Ways (RoW) application for overground telegraph lines has also been made easy.
♦ Earlier, RoW Rules only included underground optical fibre cable (OFC) and mobile towers.
♦ Other than official fees and restoration charges, there will be no other fee to establish, maintain, repair, work, repair, shift, or transfer the underground and overground telegraph infrastructure.
♦ These amendments will ease permission procedures related to RoW for establishing and augmenting digital communications infrastructure in India. 
♦ With a solid pan India digital infrastructure, new rules will also help bridge the digital divide between rich & poor and rural & urban areas.
♦ New rules have a provision of strengthening e-governance and financial inclusion. It seeks to bring in ease of doing businesses. 
♦ It will also fulfil the information & communication needs of citizens & enterprises.

Right of Way In Telecommunication
♦ The RoW is the legal right, allowing online filing of the application. This is a framework for setting up telecom towers, laying fibre cables, settling disputes, and improving coordination among companies.

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