Indian Ocean Region Defence Ministers Conference Hosted by India

05 February 2021 Current Affairs:

The Indian Ocean Region Defence Ministers Meeting will be held in India on February 4, 2021. The event is held in the context of the 2021 Indian Air Show, which is the largest air show in Asia.

♦ The theme of the Indian Ocean Regional Defence Ministers’ Meeting is “Strengthening Peace, Security, and Cooperation in the Indian Ocean.”
♦ The event started with welcome speeches from the defence ministers and defence ministers of countries in the Indian Ocean region. The concluding remarks were delivered by the Federal Minister of Defence Rajnath Singh
♦ The conference is an initiative designed to promote dialogue in an institutional, economic and cooperative environment.
♦ This conference center helps countries in the Indian Ocean region to promote peace, stability and prosperity in Indian Ocean region.
♦ Eighteen countries attended the meeting. Among them, the defence ministers of Comoros, Maldives, Madagascar, and Iran from four countries attended the meeting. 
♦ Six high commissioners or ambassadors from six countries including Australia, Kenya, Myanmar, Kuwait, Mauritius, and Seychelles attended the meeting. Chiefs of staff from 10 countries attended the meeting in addition to the Sudanese Minister of Defence.

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