Indian Government to Import Oxygen Concentrator

27 April 2021 Current Affairs:The Indian government is to import 10,000 oxygen concentrators. An oxygen concentrator concentrates oxygen from the atmosphere.

Working of Oxygen Concentrator:
♦ The atmospheric air has 78% of nitrogen and 21% of oxygen. The Oxygen Concentrator accumulates air and filters through a sieve sending the nitrogen back in to the air and collects oxygen alone.
♦ The oxygen in the oxygen concentrator is compressed and distributed via a cannula. The oxygen is 90% to 95% pure.
♦ A strain valve in the concentrators helps to regulate the provision of oxygen from 1 to 10 litres per minute.
♦ The Oxygen from the concentrators is no longer as pure as the Liquid Medical Oxygen. However, it is pure enough for moderate and average COVID-19 patients. It is appropriate for sufferers who require oxygen saturation stages of 85% or above. The Oxygen Concentrators are not really helpful for ICU patients.
♦ The Oxygen Concentrators will furnish solely 5 to ten litres per minute. The essential patients will need 40 to 50 litres of oxygen per minute.
♦ The Oxygen Concentrators are portable. On the other hand, the Liquid Medical Oxygen wants to be saved and transported in cryogenic tankers.
♦ The Oxygen Concentrators only require an energy source to draw in ambient air. On the different hand, the Liquid Medial Oxygen wishes refilling.
♦ 1The Oxygen Concentrators are generally a one-time investment. They require Rs 40,000 to Rs 90,000. The cylinders fees Rs 8,000 to Rs 20,000.
♦ The concentrators require minimal running cost that includes electricity and activities maintenance. On the different hand, cylinders contain refilling expenses and transportation costs.

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