India Ranks 49th in Chandler Good Government Index

30 April 2021 Current Affairs:India has been placed at 49th position amongst 104 international locations in the Chandler Good Government Index (CGGI) 2021. Finland has topped the CGGI Index 2021, and Venezuela is the ultimate ranked united states at 104.

♦ Rank 1: Finland
♦ Rank 2: Switzerland
♦ Rank 3: Singapore
♦ Rank 4: Netherlands
♦ Rank 5: Demark
♦ The Chandler Good Governance Index is released by means of the Chandler Institute of Governance, headquartered in Singapore. The index is organized based on seven pillars: leadership and foresight, sturdy institutions, robust laws and policies, attractive market place, monetary stewardship, supporting people rise, international influence, and reputation.

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