India joins G20 Troika.

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India recently joined the G20 Troika made up of Indonesia, India and Italy.


The Troika is made of Indonesia’s current presidency, the previous presidency, Italy, and the incoming presidency, India.
A troika is a group of three working together, and troika g20 is made of the following host countries. This ensures continuity and provides presidency support.
The G20 works without a permanent staff or secretariat as the group chair alternates annually among its members. 
The current chair sets the secretariat temporarily. This secretariat organises meetings and regulates the working of the group. 
There is a need for Troika to aid with the secretariat so that there is a progression in the works of the G20.
In 2022, 2023 and 2024, Troika will be hosted by Indonesia, India and Brazil. 
The current presidency of G20 was assumed by Indonesia recently. It is to hold the chair till October 2022 under the theme “Recover Together Recover Stronger”. Then India will take over for the first time.

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