India – Australia 4th Biennial Maritime Series

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01 October 2021 Current Affairs:The 4th Biennial Maritime Series happened on September 30, which was participated in both India and Australia.


♦ The fourth iteration of the biennial maritime series called ‘AUSINDEX’
♦ This exercise allows the Royal Australian Navy and Indian Navy in strengthening and sharing the best practices.
♦ It will also help in understanding the procedures for maritime security operations.
♦ AUSINDEX Maritime exercises are conducted in India and Australia alternatively.
♦ The 4th edition is being conducted in the Northern Australia Exercise Area and surface units of both countries will be included.
♦ This exercise is aligned to the 2020 Comprehensive Strategic Partnership between both countries.
♦ Indian and Australian Navy started conducting the bilateral maritime exercise called AUSUNDEX in 2015.

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