Incredible India Tourist Facilitator Certification Programme

08 June 2021 Current Affairs:The Tourism Minister praised the Incredible India Tourist Facilitator Certification Program (IITFC) on the occasion of World Environment Day (5th June) 

♦ The IITFC Programme is a digital initiative of the Ministry of Tourism (MoT) to encourage Indian citizens to participate in the thriving tourism industry.
♦ It is an online programme where people can learn about tourism at their own pace, in their own time, space, and path.
♦ After successfully completing this programme, the learner will be able to work as a Certified Tourist Facilitator for the Ministry of Tourism.

Tourism & Hospitality Sector in India:
♦ In FY20, the tourism sector in India employed 39 million people, accounting for 8% of total employment in the country. It is expected to account for approximately 53 million jobs by 2029.
♦ According to the World Travel and Tourism Council, India ranked 10th out of 185 countries in terms of total contribution to GDP from travel and tourism in 2019. During 2019, the contribution of travel & tourism to GDP was 6.8 percent of the total economy.
♦ International tourist arrivals are expected to reach 30.5 billion by 2028, generating over USD 59 billion in revenue.

Other Initiatives of the Ministry of Tourism:
♦ DekhoApnaDesh Campaign
♦ Prashad Scheme
♦ Swadesh Darshan Scheme

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