Inauguration of National Bureau of Plant Genetic Resources

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19 August 2021 Current Affairs:The Union Agriculture Minister inaugurated the world’s second-largest refurbished gene financial institution at the National Bureau of Plant Genetic Resources.

♦ The National Gene Bank used to be mounted in 1996 to maintain Plant Genetic Resources (PGR) seeds for future generations. It has the potential to maintain about one million germplasm in the shape of seeds.
♦ Presently it is defending 4.52 lakh accessions, of which 2.7 lakh are Indian germplasm and the relaxation has been imported from different countries.
♦ The NBPGR was installed in 1976 as the National Bureau of Plant Introduction and it received its existing identity 12 months later.
♦ Its origins, however, can be traced again to the late Forties as the ICAR Scheme for ‘plant introduction’.
♦ NBPGR is an institute below the Indian Council for Agricultural Research (ICAR).
♦ It is headquartered in New Delhi with 10 Regional Stations placed in specific phytogeographical zones of the country.

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