Hyundai Designed TIGER X-1 – A New Concept Vehicle

18 February 2021 Current Affairs:Hyundai Motor Group has designed a walking car concept robot called TIGER, which stands for transforming intelligent ground tour robot. The robot consists of wheels that can adapt to navigate in challenging terrain. The Ultimate Mobility Vehicle (UMV) can not only walk on the earth but also on other planets when it is stuck or needs to drive on difficult terrain.

♦ Tiger X-1 is the first version of TIGER. The robot is based on a modular platform architecture. The robot has 360-degree directional control, which is helpful for ground assessment in disaster-prone areas.
♦ The vehicle does not carry passengers, but can carry goods and sensors to remotely observe the surrounding environment.
♦ TIGER aims to operate autonomously. It consists of a complicated leg and wheel motion system.
♦ The UMV has the characteristics of robotics and wheeled motion technology. Therefore, the vehicle can traverse difficult terrain.
♦ In addition, it can be connected with drones. Drones can help charge UMVs and deliver them to inaccessible locations. In an emergency, the tiger can be used to carry goods, to transport or transport first aid kits.
♦ Tiger is the second UMV of Hyundai Motor Group. Hyundai Motor Group’s first UMV was launched at the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show. It includes functions such as movable legs. It can be raised and is designed to transport passengers.
♦ Hyundai Motor Company is a multinational automobile manufacturer in South Korea. Its headquarters are in Seoul. The company was established in 1967.


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