Hypersonic Missile Test A Success

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23 October 2021 Current Affairs:The United States had a success in hypersonic missile technology test on 20 October.

♦ Hypersonic Missile Technology is a new weapons system that Russia and China are already deploying.
♦ The test was conducted at a NASA facility in Wallops, Virginia.
♦ It is a vital step in the development of a Navy-designed standard hypersonic missile.
♦ This test demonstrated advanced hypersonic technologies, prototype systems and capabilities in a realistic operating environment.
♦ Hypersonic missiles such as conventional ballistic missiles can fly at Mach 5- five times the speed of sound.
♦ These missiles are more manoeuvrable as compared to their ballistic equivalents.
♦ The missile will be used to ascertain a low trajectory in the atmosphere by making them harder to defend.
♦ China has conducted a test of Hypersonic Missile with nuclear capacity in August 2021.
♦ Russia also propelled a hypersonic missile called the Zircon, which was launched from a submarine.


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