High Vitamin D Reduces Risk of Covid

01 June 2021 Current Affairs:A study conducted by doctors at the Nizamus Institute of Medical Sciences (NIMS) showed that high vitamin D level can reduce the risk of coronavirus infection, and taking vitamins in infected patients can significantly reduce mortality.

♦ Vitamin D – It is a fat-soluble vitamin, which means that it is soluble in oil and stored in the body for a long time.
♦ When sunlight (or artificial light, especially in the ultraviolet region with 190-400 nm) falls on the skin and triggers a chemical reaction with cholesterol-based molecules, it is converted into calcitonin in the liver and calcium in cholesterol. When alcohol, this toxin will be produced. Kidney.
♦ What it does: As we all know, it helps bones contain an appropriate amount of calcium, catalyzes the process of protecting cell membranes from damage, prevents tissue inflammation, and helps prevent tissues from forming fibres and weaken bones to become brittle, leading to osteoporosis.
♦ Vitamin D deficiency can cause childhood diseases and adult osteomalacia.

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