Healthy Smile App Launched By AIIMS

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18 October 2021 Current Affairs:AIIMS launched ‘Healthy Smile’ mobile app to raise awareness on maintaining oral hygiene among children.

♦ The app was launched to spread awareness on maintaining oral hygiene among children right from infancy.
♦ It will also motivate them to brush twice a day and provide information on keeping dental decay under control through simple home care measures.
♦ The app comprises a musical two-minute brushing timer along with preventive dental care tips for all age groups of children, child-friendly colourful panels, motivational songs, FAQs & oral care tips during pregnancy and brushing illustration videos.
♦ This app was launched after realizing that “dental caries was found to be prevalent” among the paediatric population of India up to the extent of 40-50 per cent.
♦ The development of the dental health education app for children will help bring good oral hygiene habits from early childhood.
♦ It will help in reducing the burden of dental diseases.
♦ The app is an action of the Department of Paediatric and Preventive Dentistry, with the help of AIIMS.


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