Green Initiative Forum By Saudi

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25 October 2021 Current Affairs:Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman launched the “Saudi Green Initiative forum on 23 October.

♦ The forum was launched in Riyadh with the statement of Saudi Arabia’s new “green” objectives.
♦ The forum will address the environmental efforts made by Saudi Arabia with guests, including international personalities and high-profile government heads.
♦ Audi Arabia also announced the roadmap of Saudi Arabia for protecting the environment and facing climate change.
♦ This annual forum will serve as a platform for the launch of new environmental initiatives in the country.
♦ It will also monitor the impact of previously announced environmental initiatives.

♦ Saudi Arabia also launched initiatives in the energy sector. 
♦ These initiatives would reduce carbon emissions by 278 million tons annually by the year 2030.
♦ Crown price also announced the accession of Saudi Arabia to the Global Methane Pledge. 
♦ This pledge was launched to reduce methane emissions across the globe by 30 per cent.
♦ He also announced Saudi Arabia’s intention of joining the Global Oceans Alliance, Sports for Climate Action Agreement, Alliance to Eliminate Plastic Waste in Oceans & Beaches, and establishing a global centre for Sustainable Tourism.
♦ Saudi Arabia would also be joining a Non-Profit foundation for exploring the seas and oceans.

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