Google Floats News Showcase with Top Publishers

21 May 2021 Current Affairs:Google has announced the launch of its global licensing program News Showcase in India. Google has signed agreements with 30 Indian publishers to provide access to some of their content. 

♦ In the context of increasing pressure from the global media industry, they require technology platforms to provide reasonable prices and advertising shares. In February of this year, the Indian Newspaper Association (INS) also asked the search engine Google to compensate newspapers for the use of its published content, and seek to obtain a larger share of advertising revenue.
♦ The content from these publishers will commence to show up in committed News Showcase story panels in Google News and on Discover pages in English and Hindi. The guide for more local languages will be introduced in the future. It will also pay collaborating news corporations to supply readers get right of entry to a restrained quantity of paywalled content.
♦ Showcase can pay information publishers for their content material on-line and also lets in partnering publishers to furnish constrained get admission to pay-walled testimonies for users. Showcase, which is stay in more than 12 nations working with over seven hundred publishers, is a section of Google’s $1 billion funding towards helping quality journalism.

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