Goa Maritime Conclave

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08 November 2021 Current Affairs:The Goa Maritime Conclave (GMC-21), now in its third year, began on November 7, 2021 in Goa.

♦ The Navy Chiefs of 12 Indian Ocean Region states will attend the summit, which will be held in India.
♦ GMC-21 would include a three-day conference on constructing working-level deliberations, which will take place in May 2021 at the Goa Maritime Symposium-21.
♦ “Maritime Security and Emerging Non-Traditional Threats: A Case for a Proactive Role for the Indian Ocean Region,” is the theme of GMC 2021.
♦ The Symposium was GMC-21’s Sherpa event.
♦ The Indian Ocean region has become a focal point in the strategic landscape of the twenty-first century. GMC’s goal in this region is to bring together regional stakeholders and discuss collaborative implementation options.

♦ Chiefs of maritime forces from 12 Indian Ocean littorals, including Comoros, Bangladesh, Madagascar, Indonesia, Maldives, Malaysia, Myanmar, Mauritius, Singapore, Seychelles, Sri Lanka, and Thailand, will attend the GMC-21.
♦ They’ll talk about how important interoperability is for dealing effectively with emerging and future maritime security problems in the Indian Ocean region.
♦ Defence Secretary Ajay Kumar and Foreign Secretary Harsh Vardhan Shringla will deliver the keynote addresses at GMC-21.
♦ Visitors to the conference will be able to see India’s indigenous shipbuilding sector at the ‘Make in India Exhibition.’

♦ Countering Non-Traditional Threats with Collective Maritime Competencies
♦ Session to improve regional cooperation in enforcing maritime rules.
♦ Meeting to discuss growing non-traditional risks.

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