Gender gap in Vaccination Drive of India

03 June 2021 Current Affairs:India’s Covid vaccination force used to be started in January 2021 and is gaining momentum. About 21 crores doses have been administered to date along with first and 2d doses, in which the Gender gap is prevalent. As of May end, 871 ladies had been vaccinated for every 1000 men.

♦ The sex ratio in India is already skewed. There are 108.18 men per hundred females. Female population bills for 48.04 per cent of total populace whilst male populace accounts for 51.96 per cent. This gender hole reflects at all ranges in India, including in the biggest vaccination drive.
Gender-related Development Index (GDI): GDI measures existence expectancy, educational attainment and income. The closer the ratio to 1, the more minor is the gap between guys and women. Human Development Report of 2019 reflects GDI of India price as 0.892. It ranked India at 129th role out of 189 countries.
Gender Inequality Index (GII): GII displays gender-based disadvantage across three dimensions of reproductive health, labour market and empowerment. Countries are having an unequal distribution of human development experiences high inequality. As per UNDP document 2019, India’s GII is 0.0501 and was ranked at 122. HDI for girls in India is 0.549 whilst for male is 0.671, which virtually reflects disparity.

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