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20 October 2021 Current Affairs:India is set to host young leaders under the new initiative called Gen-Next Democratic Network on 25 November.

♦ The Initiative was planned by Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) and will happen in November.
♦ This is hosted for 5 to 7 young people under 35, invited from 75 different democratic countries from the ruling, opposition and other key parties.
♦ The event will be inaugurated by Om, Brila, Lok Sabha speakers and will begin on 25 November.
♦ The ICCR is trying to build relations with Gen Next of 75 countries, who will become future leaders of their countries.
♦ Through this, the young mind will gain a comprehensive idea of the rich democratic culture in India. They will also go to at least one state with ICCR.
♦ Gen-Next Democratic Network was launched in the wake of India taking a lead role in the geopolitics of democracies.
♦ The first batch of the initiative focuses on South East Asia and Africa.

First Batch:
♦ Bangladesh
♦ Chile
♦ Sri Lanka
♦ Indonesia
♦ Japan 
♦ Zambia.

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