Four Digit Security Code Introduced by Co-WIN

10 May 2021 Current Affairs:The Ministry of Health announced that new security features have been added to the Co-WIN software. The common win is the COVID-19 Vaccine Intelligence Network.

♦ The Ministry of Health added a four-digit security code to the CO-WIN software. When a person reserves a vaccination spot on the Co-WIN platform, he or she will receive a four-digit security code. The code should be generated at the vaccination centre.
♦ The code will be mentioned on the digital certificate. This feature is only for people who have already booked a vaccine online. The code is also printed on the designated confirmation slip. It should be saved and displayed from the phone.
♦ The Ministry of Health agreed that there is a data entry error in the case of marking a person who has reserved a vaccination spot as “vaccinated.” Many users complained that even if they missed an appointment in Co-WIN, they will be notified of the dose of vaccination given to them.
♦ The Co-WIN platform can handle COVID-19 immunizations in the country. This includes registering beneficiaries, sending them text messages, assigning vaccination centres, and on-site monitoring of vials in cold storage.
♦ This platform was used earlier to implement the Pulse Polio Programme. It is owned by the Health and Family Welfare Ministry. Moreover, it is supported by the National Informatics Center.
♦ The Co-WIN software helps in monitoring and monitoring the inoculation drive. The app additionally helps in monitoring the listed beneficiaries on a real-time basis.

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