First Renewable Project of Facebook in India

16 April 2021 Current Affairs:The Facebook has as of late marked an arrangement to purchase environmentally friendly power in India from a nearby firm called CleanMax. This is the first inexhaustible task of Facebook in Quite a while. 

♦ The venture is situated in Karnataka.  The Project limit of 32 MW. 
♦ Under the task Facebook and CleanMax will cooperate to give environmentally friendly power into the electrical network of India. 
♦ Facebook is to utilize the environmentally friendly power bought from CleanMax to control its server farm. Facebook is to begin the tasks of the server farm in 2022. 
♦ Facebook had settled on comparative concurrences with energy suppliers in Singapore like Terrenus Energy, Sunseap Group, Sembcorp businesses. These activities are equipped for delivering 160 MW of solar power.

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