First Palmetum of India in Uttarakhand

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29 September 2021 Current Affairs:The Uttarakhand Forest Department inaugurated the first Palmetum of the nation on September 26, 2021. It has been developed in Haldwani place of Nainital district.

♦ This Palmetum is the largest one in North India, comprising 110 species of palms. It has been hooked up in a region of three acres.
♦ It was developed over three years under the CAMPA scheme at a fee of ₹16 lakh. It was inaugurated by Prof Lalit Tiwari, a professor of Botany from Kumaon University.
♦ This Palmetum used to be inaugurated with the intention of merchandising conservation & research and developing recognition involving the importance and ecological function of a number palm species.
♦ Palmetum contains 4 significantly endangered species of Palm, 2 endangered species, 2 susceptible species and 6 close to threatened species as per IUCN categorization. 
♦ It additionally involves one threatened species, as per Uttarakhand Biodiversity Board. As per Indian Biodiversity Portal, one species is rare.
♦ In the Palmetum, one palm species is endemic to Uttarakhand. It is known as Trachycarpus Takil (Takil Palm). It is the only Palm that can continue to exist at sub-zero temperature. 
♦ This species has been declared as the threatened species by the Uttarakhand Biodiversity Board. Other endangered or threatened species in the Palmetum include Ponytail Palm, Bottle Palm, Redneck palm and Spindle Palm.

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