First Full-Fledged International Cruise Terminal

17 February 2021 Current Affairs:

The Prime Minister of India launched multiple projects in Kochi, Kerala.

♦ The Kochi International Cruise Terminal Sagarika was inaugurated.
♦ This is India’s first full-fledged international cruise terminal.
♦ The Inauguration of the Marine Engineering Training Institute of Cochin Shipyard Ltd. will help those who want to learn marine engineering.
♦ The South Coal Berth will reduce logistics costs and increase cargo capacity.
♦ The Propylene Derivative Petrochemical Project (PDPP) will help India strengthen its journey to become Aatmanirbhar because it will save foreign exchange.
♦ With the use of Ro-Ro Vessels, the distance of nearly 30 kilometers on the road through the waterway will be changed to 3.5 kilometers, thereby reducing congestion and providing more convenience, commerce and capacity building.

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