First Food Park in India Italy

20 April 2021 Current Affairs:Italy launched India’s first “giant food garden” involving food processing facilities. This is the country’s first Italian-Indian food park project.

♦ Italy has launched its first large-scale food park project in Fanidhar, Mehsana District, Gujarat, India. This project is first ever Italian – Indian food project which develops better partnership between India and Italy.
♦ The project aims to establish synergy between the agriculture and industry of the two countries, and focuses on the research and development of new and more efficient technologies in this field. This will be implemented by dedicated vehicles. 
♦ It will link agricultural production with the market. This is achieved by bringing processors, farmers and retailers together to ensure maximum value addition, increase farmers’ income, reduce waste and create employment opportunities.
♦ Capital of Italy is Rome. Currency used in Italy is Euro. Italy’s President is Sergio Mattarella.

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