Export of Madurai Malli

12 July 2021 Current Affairs:Tamil Nadu exports GI certified Madurai Malli and other flowers to the United States and Dubai.

♦ The Madurai Malli, also known as Jasmine, is an important part of Tamil Nadu’s culture and economy.
♦ The sacred flower has a connection to Madurai that dates back to 300 BCE.
♦ Flowers have a special significance in Indian culture because they are integral to many rituals and customs.
♦ Madurai Malli is well-known for its fragrance, which is in high demand among the Indian diaspora in Malaysia, Singapore, Dubai, and Western Europe, particularly France.
♦ In order to meet this demand, jasmine is grown on 1200 hectares of land in the Madurai district alone.
♦ The sandy loam soil in Madurai is moist and well-drained, making it ideal for jasmine cultivation.
♦ Madurai jasmine is commonly used in weaving garlands, and its extract is used to make perfumes, soaps, and lotions.
♦ It takes approximately one tonne of flower to extract one kilogramme of jasmine concentrate, which sells for around Rs one lakh.

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