Establishment of Dairy Investment Accelerator

21 July 2021 Current Affairs:The government has established the Dairy Investment Accelerator.

About the Dairy Investment Accelerator:
♦ The Dairy Investment Accelerator was established by the DAHD (Department of Animal Husbandry and Dairying)  of the Government of India under its investment facilitation cell.. 
♦ The goal is to devote special attention to promoting and facilitating investment in the Indian dairy sector.
♦ This Investment Accelerator is a cross-functional team formed to act as a point of contact for investors. It will provide assistance throughout the investment cycle:
♦ Providing specific inputs for investment opportunity evaluation
♦ Answering questions about government scheme applications
♦ Making contact with strategic partners
♦ Providing on-the-ground assistance in collaboration with state departments and relevant authorities
♦ The Dairy Investment Accelerator work together with DAHD to organize a series of events with global & local industry participants, and hold one-on-one discussions with investors to understand their views, promote direct interaction with government officials and other industry players

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